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Fantasy to Reality by Jade
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Snape knew the second his wards had been breached. He was in his study, marking papers, when he was notified that someone had entered the Potions classroom. He sighed; no doubt another sixth-year looking for the ingredients to brew an aphrodisiac potion. It was about the right time of the year. Spring, when a young man's thoughts turned to rutting. Not that he had ever felt that way about anyone in his year; he'd been a late bloomer and was generally disgusted by the boys his age. And they would probably have been disgusted by him too; he hadn't bothered to reveal his sexual preference to anyone but the few lovers he'd had. He was already considered peculiar enough without that added stigma.

He made his way silently through the hidden passage that connected his rooms to the classroom, relishing the thought of scaring the daylights out of some unsuspecting student who thought they'd snuck in successfully. What they never guessed was that, once they'd broken the wards, the door would lock and keep the little thieves from escaping. He could observe them at his leisure. Then pounce. It baffled him how many students thought they could actually break the wards of a fully trained wizard and get away with it.

He eased open the connecting door, casting a mirror charm so he could see around the corner without being visible.

What greeted his widening eyes what not what he had expected.

It was a sixth-year, all right, and one of his most annoying students.

Harry Potter.

But he wasn't stealing anything.

He wouldn't have been able to steal anything. His hands were full. Well, at least one of them was.

Snape's mouth hung open as he took in the scene.

Harry Potter knelt on the floor of the classroom, his robes open and nothing underneath. He was very aroused, and stroking himself quickly. His hand was wrapped around his own erection, his head thrown back, his face flushed with need.

Snape knew he shouldn't be watching, should go in there and stop the boy right now, and oh what wonderful humiliation this would cause. He could make the boy's remaining time at Hogwarts a living hell with just this.

But he found he couldn't take his eyes off the vision of teenage lust before him.

His annoyance at the boy's very existence meant that he'd managed to not acknowledge just how gorgeous the boy was growing up to be. But now he couldn't deny it... there was really nothing like a teenage boy's lean body, lightly muscled and smooth and Snape got distracted briefly by the ridges of Harry's hipbones as they caught the candlelight. His taste generally didn't run to boys that young, but... sweet Merlin, had the boy been hiding that body under those robes all this time? And his face had always been delicately pretty, and now that he'd laid his glasses aside he was truly beautiful.

Snape realised his mouth was still hanging open and now he was aroused as well.

Bloody hell. What was he supposed to do now?

His body and its hormones provided an easy, unhelpful answer. Ravish the boy. Walk in, throw him over the desk, and take him hard.

Too bad he couldn't do just that.

Why he couldn't do that escaped his distracted mind for the moment, but he knew he couldn't.

He was still watching, though. Harry had begun to thrust his hips, driving his cock into his hand as he very obviously neared his climax.

And he was moaning audibly.


Saying someone's name.


The reason Potter had chosen this particular classroom to pleasure himself became suddenly very clear.

Snape's mind whirled, unable to accept the fact that the boy was fantasising about him, even going as far as to break into the supposedly empty classroom to further his fantasy.

It couldn't be possible. Harry wanted him? But the evidence seemed incontrovertible. Gasping a person's name while you masturbated generally meant... before he could stop himself, Snape was moving, sweeping around the corner into the classroom, his usual dramatic entrance spoiled slightly by the fact that he was hard as a rock.

It took a second for the boy's lust-addled brain to catch up with the fact that the Potions master standing in front of him was not part of his fantasy, and was, in fact, real. If Snape hadn't been so turned on he would have been amused by the range of emotions that crossed Harry's face in a matter of seconds.

"P-professor!" Harry finally gasped, dropping his hand from his cock but not closing his robes, Snape noted with satisfaction.

"Very good, Potter, you know who I am," purred Snape, trying not to let on just how much he was enjoying this. "Now let's see if you can figure out just where you are, and why you're here."


Snape could clearly see the boy floundering for coherent thought.

"I suppose you're going to tell me there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this?" Snape sneered.

"Yes, sir," breathed Harry, and Snape raised an eyebrow. He was impressing himself with how well he could function with no blood left in his brain. He checked that his robes were properly voluminous around him.

"Oh really, Mr. Potter? I would be *fascinated* to hear it," Snape replied, sneaking another look downward at the boy's cock and noting it hadn't decreased in size. Nor had he actually told the boy to cover himself yet. Oops.

"Well..." the boy said, looking up at him. "You see..." Snape said nothing, and Harry took a deep breath, apparently gathering courage, and said quickly, "I think you're sexy and I always get hard in your class and I had this fantasy about you and I wanted to see what it would be like to... touch myself here.... Sir." Harry finished and kneeled still, looking up at Snape.

Well. Harry had definitely earned his Gryffindor title tonight, Snape mused. Bravery indeed. He must be far gone to actually admit it.

While he considered, Harry appeared to run out of patience. He surged to his feet, dropping his robe to the floor, and pressed his naked body against Snape. "I want you, Professor," he said unnecessarily.

"Potter!" hissed Snape. "What do you think you're doing?" He had to forcibly restrain his hands from wrapping around the lean frame and pulling him even closer. As it was, the boy would soon feel... too late.

"You're hard too!" Harry cried triumphantly.

Too late, Snape pushed the boy away, now blushing himself. "It is not relevant, Potter. You must go."

"Why?" demanded Harry. "You want me! I want you! It's simple!"

"Just like a Gryffindor." Snape managed a weak imitation of his usual sneer. "It is not that simple."

"Teachers aren't allowed to touch students?" Harry asked.

"A mere technicality," said Snape. "Rules are made to be broken, as you well know, Potter."

Harry looked dumbstruck at this. "So what's the problem, then?"

Snape studied the naked boy in front of him. There was no way he could resist this, he shouldn't be expected to. Screw it. "The problem is, as usual, Mr. Potter, that you are sloppy."

"Sorry?" Harry asked, clearly confused.

Slowly, Snape raised his hand to his robe clasp and unfastened it, letting it fall to the desk. He smirked and said, "You haven't properly told me this fantasy you were having. I want every detail," he finished as he started to unbutton his shirt.

Harry's mouth dropped open again but to his credit he recovered quickly. "I... was thinking about detention. That you'd decided on a new punishment for me..." Harry's eyes defocused and his hand inched down toward his arousal once again.

"Go on," Snape urged softly, letting his shirt hang open and not taking his eyes off Harry. He hadn't been this hard for a long time. "What did I make you do?"

"Take off all my clothes right in front of you," breathed Harry. "And kneel on the floor in front of your desk. Like this." He sank to his knees like he was before. "And you told me to touch myself while you watched."

Snape had to concentrate to make his voice come out evenly now. "And did you follow instructions for once?"

"Yes sir," answered Harry, dropping his hand to his erection. "Just like this," he added, his voice turning to a moan as he wrapped his hand around himself again.

"Well done, Mr. Potter. Full marks," groaned Snape, rubbing his own arousal through his trousers. "What happened then?"

"You... you told me to put my insolent mouth to better use," gasped Harry, stroking himself slowly.

"What a wonderful idea," hissed Snape.

Instead of answering, Harry moved forward on his knees until he was kneeling directly in front of Snape. Looking up, he reached for the buttons on Snape's trousers.

Swallowing hard, Snape allowed it, not believing his own eyes. The boy's fingers brushed lightly, teasingly, over his hard length as he worked to free it. Maddening boy.

Gasping as Harry's fingers found his erection, Snape groaned as the boy stroked him clumsily. It was obvious, but Snape had to ask. "Have you done this before?"

"No, sir, am I doing it wrong?" Harry asked worriedly, looking up at him.

"Not at all," said Snape, fighting to keep his voice even as the boy's mouth neared his cock. "Carry on." His eyes nearly rolled back in his head when Harry's mouth took him in. Softly, slowly, the boy lowered his mouth, until about half of the Potions master's length was buried in Harry's mouth. Snape looked down at the saviour of the wizarding world, on his knees sucking cock, and nearly came just from that.

Harry learned quickly, using his hand to cover what his mouth couldn't, and soon Snape was moaning. It seemed the boy had many untapped talents. He buried his hands in Harry's hair and pulled the boy's head back. Natural cocksucker or not, he didn't want to choke the boy and he was very close to climax.

And he wanted to do something else.

"Stay there," he instructed hoarsely, and moved his hand to his own length. Never taking his eyes from Harry's upturned, blushing face, he stroked himself quickly, roughly, and with a harsh gasp he climaxed, pulsing his hot seed all over the boy's lovely face.

Snape allowed himself to enjoy the vision of Harry Potter with a pearl necklace for a long moment, as he came down from what was one of the more spectacular climaxes of his life. Then, he pulled the boy to his feet and kissed him roughly, ravishing the boy's mouth with his tongue and tasting himself.

Then with a wave of his wand he cleaned off Harry's face, and pulled him around, lifting him up on the desk. Harry's arms went around him tightly, and he moaned the professor's name.

"Patience, Harry," whispered Snape, and pushed him back so he lay on the desk. "Will be rewarded." Starting at the boy's neck, Snape kissed and nibbled his way down the delectable body. Harry smelled like clean, young lust, and he couldn't get enough. Harry moaned and writhed beneath him, and Snape decide to take pity.

He pushed Harry's legs apart and held them open as he kissed the boy's lower stomach. He swiped his tongue lightly over the tip of Harry's arousal, tasting the clear liquid that gathered. Then he licked down the length of his cock, and the sounds that Harry made were music to his ears. He knew he could spend ages wringing more sounds from Harry. And he would. But for now, the boy needed release, was begging for it. And for once Snape wanted to give Harry exactly what he wanted. Running his hands over Harry's body, he took the boy's arousal in his mouth, no longer teasing, and quickly set up a rhythm. He bobbed his head up and down, sucking steadily on the hard cock in his mouth, and Harry cried out, arching up.

Suddenly Snape's mouth was filled by hot liquid, and Harry was screaming. Snape swallowed every bit of Harry's release, and quickly pulled the trembling boy into his arms. He held Harry for a long moment, then the boy looked up at him, smiling faintly.

"Does this mean I get detention again?"

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